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Abrams MFG AT3 LED Grille Light Head

Abrams MFG AT3 LED Grille Light Head

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Abrams MFG AT3 LED Grille Light Head

Good things come in small packages - and the best things come in small and simple packages. The AT3 LED module from Abrams MFG personifies that by maintaining simplicity from ordering, installing, and usage. Strong LED elements keep the AT3 running at full power and keeping you well-lit, no matter the weather, environment, or time of day.

With its built-in flasher offering 15 easily-selected patterns, and high power 3 Watt LEDs, the AT3 is sure to be on your shopping list – and with its low price, you’d be hard-pressed to do better. Protect yourself with the Abrams 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, and the high quality manufacturing that went into its design.

Product Features:

  • Each unit consists of 3, 3W 5th Generation high intensity LEDs.
  • First of its kind with driver built within the unit as opposed to being in-line.
  • 15+ select-able flash combinations with memory recall.
  • Synchronization between multiple units and with other Abrams products such as Hideaway Lights & Beacon.
  • Easily replaces traditional strobe or halogen grill lights.
  • Versatile application with surface mounting design and internal mounting within light assemblies.
  • Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting
  • Black flange included for surface mounting.


Product Content:
1 x T3 LED Grille Light
1 x Black Flange
1 x Gasket
Screws Owner's Manual

Dimension: 3.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
Input Current @ 12V/24V: 50mA - 360mA/25mA - 180mA

5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty

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