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Abrams MFG Astro 8 Button Remote Head Controller

If you've got lights and/or sirens, you need to control them. Switch panels can be bulky and hard to..


Carson HA150 Waterproof Air Horn Amplifier

The HA-150 was developed to address the challenges that volunteers, working in states that restrict ..


Carson MFG SA-400 Classic 100/200 Watt Siren System

With over thirty years experience in manufacturing this “industry workhorse,” the Carson..


Carson SA-361 Defender 100 Watt Siren

The SA-361 Defender remote siren has been redesigned with a new look and added functionality! The im..


Carson SA-365 Defender 100 Watt Siren

Simplicity is the key to the SA-365 Defender. Simple to install, simple to operate and simple to aff..


Carson SC-1012 Volunteer 100 Watt Siren

Designed for a volunteer firefighter, the SC-1012 Volunteer 100-watt remote siren with light control..


Carson SC-1022 Volunteer 100 Watt Siren

The new Carson SC-1022 Volunteer Hand-held Mechanical Tone Siren is designed for volunteer firefight..


Data Cable for Federal Signal Smart Siren SS/SM

Keep the data flowing from the Smart Siren's keypad to the amp with this high quality data cable. Th..


Federal Signal ES100 Slim Siren Speaker - Preowned

This listing is for a preowned Federal Signal ES100 slim 100 watt siren speaker, with universal moun..


Feniex 4200 Programmable Controller

Unparalleled control, high quality construction, and innovative control style, the Feniex 4200-DL is..


Feniex F1 Controller System

Now available for pre-order!The Feniex F1 controller represents the next step in emergency vehicle o..


Feniex Hammer Low Frequency Siren Add-On System

Grab the attention of distracted motorists and pedestrians with the Feniex Hammer, an ultra-clear, l..


Feniex Mini 4200 Controller

Making the statement "good things come in small packages" ring even truer, the Mini 4200 Controller ..


Feniex Shield 14 Watt Backup Alarm

Sound the alarm with the Feniex Shield 14W, a dependable, affordable solution to protect any work si..


Feniex Storm Pro 100 Watt Siren System

Powerful, compact, and loud, the Feniex Storm Pro is a excellent choice for any volunteer First Resp..


Feniex Storm Pro 200 Watt Siren System

Combing functionality with power, the 200 watt version of the popular Feniex Storm Pro 100 Watt Sire..


Feniex Titan 30 Watt Motorcycle/ATV Siren System

The Titan is the smallest and most compact siren/speaker available today. Ideal for any motorcycle, ..


Feniex Triton 100 Watt Siren Speaker with Bracket

Stand out with the Triton speaker! With a compact low-profile design and durable polycarbonate housi..


Feniex Typhoon Siren w/ Lighting Controller

Remember being forced to choose between having a rotary knob siren OR getting a switch panel control..


Feniex Vanguard 100 Watt Siren Speaker

The Feniex Vanguard Speaker is a compact low-profile design and durable metal housing, making it exc..


Magnetic Mic™ PA/Radio Mic Magnet Mount

Going Code 1 (or 3, depending on your Area of Operation) can be pretty risky. You need to stay focus..


Slide Switch Cover - Smart Siren, CenCom, 4200

One of the most requested parts from controller owners, Fleet Warning has found a manufacturer that ..


Trilex YH100 100 Watt Cone Speaker

This listing is for a new Trilex YH100 Cone Speaker, rated at 100 watts output. The Cone speaker off..


Whelen HHS3200 Handheld Lighting and Siren Controller

Whelen’s innovative HHS Series features standard switching and a completely redesigned molded amplif..


Whelen PCC-6R 6 Button Switch Panel w/ Havis Faceplate

This listing is for a preowned Whelen PCC-6R switch panel, with included Havis faceplate. The switch..


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