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Data Cable for Federal Signal Smart Siren SS/SM

Keep the data flowing from the Smart Siren's keypad to the amp with this high quality data cable. Th..


Magnetic Mic™ PA/Radio Mic Magnet Mount

Going Code 1 (or 3, depending on your Area of Operation) can be pretty risky. You need to stay focus..


Slide Switch Cover - Smart Siren, CenCom, 4200

One of the most requested parts from controller owners, Fleet Warning has found a manufacturer that ..


Whelen CEM16 16 Output Expansion Module for WeCanX Core

Expansion Module for CenCom Core..


Whelen WeCanX CCTL7 Core Controller 21 Button and Slide Keypad

Brand new from Whelen. Includes 3 Section Control Head and 21 Push-Buttons, 4-Position Slide Sw..


Wiring Harness for Federal Signal Smart Siren SS/SM

These built-to-order harnesses ensure your Smart Siren will function properly without you having to ..


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