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Siren Controllers

Abrams MFG Astro 8 Button Remote Head Controller

If you've got lights and/or sirens, you need to control them. Switch panels can be bulky and hard to..


Carson SC-1022 Volunteer 100 Watt Siren

The new Carson SC-1022 Volunteer Hand-held Mechanical Tone Siren is designed for volunteer firefight..


Federal Signal Pathfinder PF200 System

This listing is for a Federal Signal Pathfinder PF200 complete system. The unit is fully functional,..


Federal Signal Pathfinder Siren Light Controller - Remote Version

The Federal Signal Pathfinder is a compact, programmable siren and light controller with self-contai..


Federal Signal Smart Siren SS2000SM System

This listing is for a preowned Federal Signal SS2000SM Smart Siren controller. Featuring a 100/200 w..


Feniex 4200 Programmable Controller

Unparalleled control, high quality construction, and innovative control style, the Feniex 4200-DL is..


Feniex F1 Controller System

Now available for pre-order!The Feniex F1 controller represents the next step in emergency vehicle o..


Feniex Mini 4200 Controller

Making the statement "good things come in small packages" ring even truer, the Mini 4200 C..


Feniex Mini 4200 Controller

This listing is for a preowned Feniex Mini 4200 6 button controller, with built in LED wig wag flash..


Feniex Typhoon Siren w/ Lighting Controller

Remember being forced to choose between having a rotary knob siren OR getting a switch panel control..


Whelen CenCom Gold Controller System

This listing is for a preowned Whelen CenCom Gold system, complete with harnesses and data cables. T..


Whelen HHS3200 Handheld Lighting and Siren Controller

Whelen’s innovative HHS Series features standard switching and a completely redesigned molded amplif..


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