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Dual Color Grille Lights

Abrams MFG Flex-12 Dual Color Grille Light

The Flex-12 grille lights from Abrams MFG combines everything you need in a grille light - powerful ..


Abrams MFG Ultra Series Tri Color LED Grille Light

Featuring a brand new optic and tri color functionality, the Abrams Ultra Series is the perfect choi..


Feniex Fusion Surface Mount Double Grille Light - Dual Color

Double your output in the same time it takes to install a single grille light! In response to costum..


Feniex Fusion Surface Mount LED Module - Dual Color

Available in single color or dual color 40 flash patterns for dual color Syncs with: -Fusion 1X ..


Feniex Quad 4 Color LED Grille Light

QUAD QSM Surface MountThe Feniex Quad is the world's first 4-color emergency warning lighting line a..


Trilex Intersection Bracket w/ Abrams MFG Flex-12 Dual Color LED Modules

You can stop believing the hype; no dash light will ever have good enough off-axis coverage to prope..


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