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Dual Color Grille Lights

Abrams MFG Flex-12 Dual Color Grille Light

The Flex-12 grille lights from Abrams MFG combines everything you need in a grille light - powerful ..


Abrams MFG Quadra-16 4 Color LED Grille Surface Light Module

Combining the best of all worlds, the Abrams Quadra series features unparalleled customization abili..


Abrams MFG Ultra Series Tri Color LED Grille Light

Featuring a brand new optic and tri color functionality, the Abrams Ultra Series is the perfect choi..


Feniex Quad 4 Color LED Grille Light

QUAD QSM Surface MountThe Feniex Quad is the world's first 4-color emergency warning lighting line a..


Trilex Industries Saber-12 Dual Color LED Grille Light

The Saber-12 from Trilex is a dual color, powerfully bright LED grille light. Built with high streng..


Whelen I2J Dual Color Red/Blue Ion Grille Light

Compact and versatile, Whelen ION Series lightheads are designed to be utilized in a multitude of ap..


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