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Motorola Desk Mic for CDM/MCS Mobiles

Desk/base mic for Motorola CDM and MCS2000 mobiles. Tested, functional...


Motorola Impres Charger Base Pod Pro Waris WPLN4199 - Preowned

This listing is for one (1) preowned Motorola WPLN4199 Impres charger base pod. This charger is requ..


Motorola Impres HMN4079 DTMF XPR PM XTL APX Mic

This listing is for one (1) preowned Motorola HMN4079 palm mic, compatible with the Motorola APX. XP..


Motorola XPR5550 VHF AAM28JQN9KA1AN DMR Mobile Radio - Preowned

Preowned Motorola XPR5550, covering VHF 136-174, output selectable between 20-54. Channel stora..


Trilex Shoulder Lapel Mic for Hytera X1pi w/ 3.5mm Earpiece Jack

The Trilex HY-01 shoulder mic provides crisp, clear audio from your Hytera X1pi portable radio, righ..


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