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Affiliate Program

The Fleet Warning Affiliate Program is a way for former, current and future customers to earn money without investing or spending. Here’s how it works.

The affiliate, once approved, will be given a code. The code will function as a coupon code, to be entered by the ORDERING CUSTOMER during the checkout process. To be clear – this is NOT a coupon code. This is a way for the system to tie the order to the affiliate that has ‘made’ the sale. Once the order is paid for and complete, the affiliate will receive 5% of the order sub-total (shipping will not be part of the calculation) via PayPal to their address on file.

Example of an affiliate making a sale: Joe, a Fleet Warning affiliate, has a friend Bob, who is looking for a siren speaker. Joe sends Bob the link to a siren speaker on, and advises him to enter Joe’s affiliate code. Bob places the order and submits payment. Joe receives 5% of the order subtotal.

Items in the Second Chance (preowned) category are not covered by the Affiliate Program on their own. That is to say, if a customer orders ONLY a Second Chance item, the sale doesn’t count towards the affiliate. But if the customer order a Second Chance item AND a regular item, the COMPLETE sub-total will count for the affiliate – both the Second Chance item and the regular item will be calculated for the Affiliate Fee.

To apply to the Fleet Warning Affiliate Program, please complete the following form. A representative will reach out to you once your application is submitted.

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