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Abrams MFG Blaster 360° 6-LED Hideaway

Abrams MFG Blaster 360° 6-LED Hideaway

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Abrams MFG Blaster 360° 6-LED Hideaway

The Blaster Series from Abrams MFG combines high power LEDs in a water-resistant, rugged hideaway capable of resisting the rigors of use in Public Safety. With 6 three watt LEDs arranged in a circular design, the Blaster dispenses high powered warning in a full range, ensuring all angles are covered when you're responding. With its water-resistant in-line flasher, the Abrams Blaster is a great choice as a hideaway or surface mount light. The Blaster 360° combines these fantastic features with a special optic package, designed to spread the output from the LEDs in a 360° degree pattern. 

  • Each unit consists of 6, four watt Generation III high intensity LEDs.
  • First of its kind with driver built within the unit as opposed to being in-line.
  • 15+ select-able flash combinations. Last pattern memory recall.
  • Synchronization between multiple units and with other Abrams producs such as Hideaway Lights & Beacon.
  • Easily replaces traditional strobe or halogen grill lights.
  • Versatile application with surface mounting design and internal mounting within light assemblies.
  • Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting (not submersible).
  • Black flange included for surface mounting.
  • Dimension: 3.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Input Current @ 12V/24V: 50mA - 360mA/25mA - 180mA

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