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Abrams MFG Mustang LED Rocker Panel Runner Lightstick

Abrams MFG Mustang LED Rocker Panel Runner Lightstick

  • $144.00

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The Mustang Series by Abrams MFG provides unparalleled warning to the sides of your vehicle, allowing increased blocking capabilities, 360° coverage, and increased visibility on emergency or industrial construction scenes. Featuring 3 watt LEDs, the Mustang rocker panel lightsticks are available in a variety of sizes to best fit your vehicle while providing the highest possible level of output. Backed by a 5 year warranty, the Mustang is a perfect choice for your vehicle, and your wallet. 

  • 3 Watt LEDs
  • Water-Resistant
  • Single- or Dual-Color 
  • Sold individually (one stick)
  • Multiple stored patterns via the onboard flasher
  • Features flood override mode on dual color setup

To order a pair of lights, please add TWO sticks to your cart. 

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