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Abrams MFG Quackler Low Frequency Siren Amplifier

Abrams MFG Quackler Low Frequency Siren Amplifier

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Abrams MFG Quackler Low Frequency Siren Amplifier

The Abrams Quackler Low-Frequency Tone Siren is an effectively added layer of warning for intersections and high-risk areas when used with your 100/200 watt siren amplifier. The system provides deep, low-frequency tones, which are able to penetrate other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach.

Lower frequency reverberating tones are better able to penetrate other vehicles, alerting drivers to the presence of the oncoming emergency vehicle. The Quackler is not a replacement to the vehicle's primary siren. The Quackler is an excellent add-on to any 100-200 watt warning siren manufacturers such as Abrams, Code-3, Whelen, Federal Signal, SoundOff, and Feniex, and also works with most other siren amplifiers.

The Quackler adds a minimum eight-second penetrating burst of low-frequency siren sound for use in heavy traffic, intersections or other high ambient noise conditions. The system works with any sweeping tone, plus Hi/Low and electronic mechanical tone generated by the primary siren. The Quackler low-frequency tones are synchronous with your primary siren tones to penetrate high noise, high traffic situations.

The Quackler Siren Amplifier module uses the primary siren speaker output wires and divides the frequency down to one of four tone styles. The built-in timer limits overexposure time to the operator. Operators are advised to wear approved hearing protection. Comes standard with two separate external cancel controls. A positive or negative activation will cancel the tone.

The Quackler system includes speakers specifically designed for use with the Quackler amplifier only. The Quackler system can be utilized with one or both of these speakers depending upon the vehicle application.

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