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Abrams MFG Blitz Tri-Color Interior Lightbar

Abrams MFG Blitz Tri-Color Interior Lightbar

  • $675.00

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The Abrams Blitz is a cutting edge interior lightbar, featuring 8 modules and THREE colors modes for increased functionality. Designed to fit most vehicles with little modification, the Blitz ILB offers functions such as multi-mode, traffic arrow, cruise, flood, and more. Priced to directly compete with dual or even single color products from other manufacturers, the Blitz is perfect for installs on a budget. Backed by a 5 year hassle-free warranty, you can respond to any emergency knowing that your equipment is built to last. 

  • 8 Modules (4 per side)
  • 3 Watt LEDs, total of 18 diodes per head
  • 6 color combinations available, including Purple/Green/White
  • Universal design, fits most vehicles with little modification
  • Cruise, traffic arrow, multi-mode, color switching available 
  • Comes with brackets and wire harness, ready for installation
  • 5 year Hassle-Free Warranty

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