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Brand: Veterans MFG Armor
Product Code: MBS-P/R
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Veterans MFG Ultralight Mobile/Vehicle Ballstic Shield

An innovative design from Veterns Manufacturing, the Mobile Ballistic Shield takes protection to a whole new level. Designed to slide over an open window or deployment during an Active Shooter incident, the Mobile Ballistic Shield extends your coverage to cover armor, head, and provides a movable barrier for protection. Available in Pistol- or Rifle-rated protection, the Mobile Ballistic Shield is perfect for Law Enforcement, tactical EMS operations, or just good ol' End of the World issues. 

  • Provides protection when most vulnerable – sitting or exiting the vehicle
  • Weight: 4 lbs (pistol); 11 lbs (rifle)
  • Sizing: 15" x 24"
  • Fitted to most standard LEO vehicles
  • Effective crowd control device
  • Breach shield capability - toughened edges form strike points for subduing attackers
  • Single Handed Usage - allows for effective return fire
  • Ultra-light & Mobile
  • Instant Deployment

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