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Brand: Trilex Industries
Product Code: ILPB/W2XT3
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Trilex Intersection License Plate Bracket w/ Feniex Cobra T3 Modules

You can stop believing the hype; no dash light will ever have good enough off-axis coverage to properly cover you during a response. That's where you need solid warning, the type that will have traffic stop in its tracks. The Intersection License Plate Bracket gives you a solid platform to mount your choice of LED, halogen, and/or strobe warning lights in the best possible position. 

We're making the deal even better by combining this awesome bracket with equally awesome lights. Choose your colors, and get your intersection covered by Feniex Industries' Cobra T3, a powerful light all but guaranteed that traffic will leap out of your way.  

  • Constructed from high quality aluminum
  • Black paint keeps it low profile until it's needed
  • Measurements: Length - 9.5", Width - 1.5", Height - 6"

Click here for the specs and images of the Feniex Cobra T3.

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