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Brand: Feniex Industries
Product Code: D-50015
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Feniex Cobra T3 LED Surface Mount/Grille Light

Feniex broke the industry standard when they created the T3 LED surface mount, a light so thin and powerful, it could be mounted virtually anywhere with ease. Featuring some of the highest powered LEDs available on the market, the T3 is powerful enough to shame the competition, and a price affordable enough for even the most basic of budgets. 

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • SAE J595 Certified
  • Input voltage 12VDC
  • California Title 13 Certified
  • Temperature Range up to 149°F
  • 3, 4-watt LEDs in each module head
  • Built in aluminum black surface mount
  • Dimensions: 0.99" H x 3.35" L x 0.77" W
  • Water sealed and weather damage resistant unit
  • Slim module head under 1" tall for optimal stealth lighting
  • 13+ patterns including brake mode, tail mode and steady on

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