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Abrams MFG Impact 6 LED Hideaway Surface Mount Light

With vehicles contours' constantly changing, it's getting harder and harder to adequately cover the most important angle - the intersection/90°. Abrams MFG gets ahead of the issue with the Impact 6 LED LED module. Designed with optics intended to waste none of the output, the Impact module focus its high intensity warning power directly into the intersection without "spilling" output back into the vehicle. With it's built in flasher, the Impact offers over 30 flash patterns from a tiny lighthead. Easily installed into a standard 1" hole, the Impact can be retro-fitted into vehicles that formerly used strobes. With its 5 year warranty, the Impact LED module is the best choice for your vehicle. 

  • 6x Three Watt LED elements
  • Newly designed optics focus the lighting where you need it
  • 12 VDC
  • Installs into 1" hole
  • Fully sync-capable
  • Flasher built into unit, not in-line, making installation easier
  • Includes black mounting flange
  • Fully water- and weather-proof
  • 5 year warranty

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