Working on a budget is no reason to settle for sub-par equipment. Warning products are as important to First Responders as any other gear - you wouldn't want to use a garden hose to put out a fire, or a Kleenex to stop bleeding. Lighting and sirens are vital tools to get you to a scene quickly and safely. To help our customers maintain a sufficient level of warning power without breaking the bank, we've started the Second Chance products category to offer you pre-owned and refurbished equipment at a significantly reduced price. These products cover a wide range of options, colors, and styles, and we are committed to assisting you with finding exactly what you need - so if you need help with a product, please feel free to contact us

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Abrams StarEye 12 LED Magnet/Permanent Mount Beacon
The Abrams StarEye 12 LED Warning Beacon is made up of 12, 3 watt super high intensity LED diodes of..
Federal Signal ES100 100 Watt Siren Speaker
Output: 100 Watts Ohms: 11 Warranty: None Brackets: None   ..
Federal Signal MS100 100 Watt Siren Speaker
Federal Signal's DynaMax/MS100 speakers unique patented design enables it to be installed in man..
Federal Signal SmartSiren SS2000SM
With easy to operate rubberized push-button and slide switch control, the SmartSiren electronic sire..
Federal Signal SmartSiren SS2000SS
With easy to operate rubberized push-button and slide switch control, the SmartSiren electronic sire..
Feniex Apollo 2X LED Dash Light
Input voltage 12VDC SAE J595 Certified California Title 13 Certified Provides 180 degree li..
Feniex Apollo F6 Surface Mount/Grille Light
 5 Year Warranty SAE J595 Certified Input voltage 12VDC California Title 13 Certified ..
Feniex Cannon 12 LED Hideaway - 120° Optics
The Feniex Cannon breathes new life into a style that has been standard for so long. Newly innovated..
Feniex Cobra 1X LED Dash Light
All manufacturers attempt to innovate with new products, but no manufactur has so successfully maste..
Feniex Cobra T6 LED Surface Mount/Grille Light
Feniex broke the industry standard when they created the T6 LED surface mount, a light so ..
Motorola CDM1250 Mobile Radio
Perfect for growing organizations, the CDM1250™ mobile radio can readily expand to meet rapidl..
Motorola EX500 Portable Radio
The Motorola EX500™ portable two-way radio delivers the advanced, efficient two-way communicat..
Motorola EX560•XLS Portable Radio
Designed to operate in the harshest of outdoor environments, Motorola's EX560•XLS™ tw..
Motorola HT1250 Portable Radio
The Motorola HT1250 portable two-way radio is an exceptional tool for growing organizations bec..
Motorola HT1250LS/LS+ Portable Radio
The Motorola HT1250-LS+ two-way radio offers many advanced features, such as calling selective radio..