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Brand: Feniex Industries
Product Code: C-*017
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Feniex Typhoon Siren w/ Lighting Controller

Remember being forced to choose between having a rotary knob siren OR getting a switch panel controller? Luckily, you can put those memories away - thanks to the brand new Typhoon controller from Feniex Industries. Featuring a cyclic knob for selecting siren tones and easy-to-press auxiliary control buttons, the Typhoon system features a 100 watt siren and combines it with 6 programmable (momentary or on/off) switches, all on one easily installed control head. The remote style head makes it easy to install, and programming the unit is simple and straightforward. 

  • Choose between full featured controller or handheld remote controller
  • 21 tones (same as the storm)
  • 100W siren 
  • Integrated relay in siren
  • 6 programmable momentary or on/off buttons (outputs/lights)
  • Integrated 2 output wigwag capability
  • Buttons programmable for on/off or momentary
  • 7 position rotary dial for siren tones (FF)
  • 7 siren tone buttons (HH)
  • Horn ring, park kill, Radio rebroadcast capabilities
  • 2yr warranty

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