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Motorola XTS5000 Digital/P25 Portable Radio

The XTS 5000 radio meets the Project 25 standard and works on the ASTRO® 25 Network. It is the top of the line XTS series radio with proven reliability in a feature rich robust design that stands up to the most demanding environments. Supporting existing Motorola systems, the XTS 5000 digital radio is currently in use by over 700,000 front line mission critical users world-wide. Motorola’s IP-enabled portable two-way radio offers a full array of sophisticated features. Designed specifically for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical, military and federal agencies, the XTS 5000 has angled knobs and an ergonomically recessed PTT button for ease of use with heavy gloves.

  • 16 – position backlit rotary knob 
  • Model II Version, Limited Keypad
  • Power On / Off volume control 
  • Ergonomically recessed PTT 
  • Three programmable side buttons for quick access to pre-programmed functions
  • Home button 
  • Two position concentric switch 
  • Three software programmable menu buttons 
  • Four line twelve character full bitmap high resolution display. Plus two lines of icons including: RSSI, battery gauge, user time clock 
  • Top mounted speaker so not to muffl e the audio integrity of the radio in holster 
  • Emergency button – easy to locate by following antenna 
  • Metal toggle ABC switc


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