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Motorola HT1550•XLS Portable Radio

In many organizations, there is a need for professionals to communicate using a higher level of two-way sophistication . That's why Motorola built the 160-channel HT1550·XLS portable radio. It is the epitome of professionalism. The HT1550·XLS radio showcases all the features of the HT1250 radio, and more. With it, users can transmit crystal clear messages with the noise canceling microphone; automatically retry another member's radio while tending to other tasks; retain voice messages in a built-in storage area; and easily read commands on the large, four-line ideographic display. This powerful radio offers its user immediate command and control of not only all of their personnel, but every radio in the network.

  • Alphanumeric screen, four-line display uses icons and text to provide clear indication. 
  • LTR and conventional operation, transmits and receives on 160 conventional channels or 15 LTR trunked zones with up to 16 talkgroups. 
  • MCD 1200 signaling , sends and receives through features such as Push-to-Talk, Selective Call and Call Alert. 
  • Programmable emergency button, sounds alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations. 
  • Voice Storage with Answering Machine mode, answers incoming calls with a personalized greeting, records voice messages from other users. 
  • Telephone interconnection, allows users to send and receive calls. 
  • Voice-operated transmission, enables hands-free operation with optional headset.

*This listing is for one (1) pre-owned HT1550, one battery, and one (1) antenna. No other accessories or features are included. Got a question? Contact us at

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