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Abrams MFG Flex-12 Dual Color Grille Light

The Flex-12 grille lights from Abrams MFG combines everything you need in a grille light - powerful output, compact design, dual color functionality, and sync-capability. Featuring 3 watt LEDs, with 12 diodes in the module, you're getting top-of-the-line power without running a risk of overhearing, thanks to the innovative heatsink design. Adding to the benefits, the Flex-12 modules offer THREE flash patterns instead of the standard 2 - this means you get a response pattern, an on-scene pattern, AND a takedown option. The built-in flasher provides over 30 patterns, while staying fully waterproof and ready for the road. And for the customers that want the whole vehicle flashing in a synchronized pattern - the FLex-12 is capable of being synced with ALL Abrams MFG products, including their beacons. 

  • 12x 3 Watt Generation 3 LEDs
  • Built-in Flasher
  • Over 30 Patterns Available
  • 3 stored flash patterns, instead of standard 2
  • Fully Sync-Capable with other Abrams products
  • T/B/T (Tail/Brake/Turn) Function built in
  • Full intrustion-proof, mount them anywhere on the vehicle
  • Black Mounting Flange included for surface mounting
  • Dimension: 5.16” L x 0.87” H x 0.68”
  • Input Current @ 12V/24V: 50mA - 360mA/25mA - 180mA

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